Financial, economic and trade sanctions and embargoes

21 Déc.


Au sujet de la formation

All companies, whether financial or industrial, are currently facing major challenges, particularly with regard to financial, economic and trade sanctions and embargoes imposed at international, multilateral, European, third country and Belgian levels. Since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, sanctions and embargoes have significantly evolved and affected the global economy. Given the current international situation, it is likely that they will continue to have significant implications for companies.

Compliance with international regulations concerning sanctions and embargoes, and the fight against money laundering, is a complex task, given the technical nature of the subject and the number of standards involved. All companies and organizations must understand the regulations that apply to them, put in place effective processes to maintain compliance, avoid engaging in non-compliant conduct, and reduce risk of sanctions, fines and liability that can drastically impact their reputation and viability.

This morning seminar has been designed to help you meet the challenges of understanding the various regulations, complying with obligations, putting effective processes in place, maintaining your organization's reputation and mitigating risks. Exceptional focus has been put on providing real-case examples, case studies and illustrations to help you apply the takeaways of the day in real-time.

Join us this morning to benefit from our expertise in sanctions and embargoes, and to discuss these issues with your peers.

The morning will be led by:

Michaël Fernandez-Bertier

Partner Ethics & Compliance
Sanctions Compliance Expert
Attorney-at-law member of the New York bar
Lecturer at Universities
Board member of Transparency International Belgium


  • Develop an overview of developments in applicable sanctions and embargoes
  • Implement effective processes to maintain compliance with sanctions, embargoes and anti-money laundering regulations
  • Identify and reduce the risks associated with non-compliance with embargoes and sanctions
  • Take concrete and appropriate measures to avoid sanctions, fines or liability claims against legal entities and their managers
  • Identify the operational and communication actions to be taken to reinforce the trust and loyalty of your organization's stakeholders
  • Secure your positions and enhance your organization's integrity

Compétences acquises

Skills acquired

  • Understanding the issues involved in sanctions and embargoes and the implications for organisations and their stakeholders
  • Knowledge of changes in the rules on embargoes and sanctions
  • Mastery of legal, technical and compliance aspects
  • Understanding the challenges of the system
  • Understanding ethical issues
  • Developing the right governance reflexes in the light of legislation


  • The organiser is accredited by the FSMA Accreditation no.: 500036A and 50036B 1 point per hour
  • ABILWAYS Belgium is also recognised by the FSMA as part of the ongoing training of compliance officers (3.5 points for this morning)
  • OVB - OBFG / IBJ - IJE / ITAA / National Chamber of Notaries / Bailiffs: on request
  • Need another accreditation? Please let us know before the conference

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