Joint committee 336 launched for professional services

As mentioned in our newsflash of 20 March 2008, joint committee 336 was established on 8 March 2008 for professional service providers in so far that they are not assigned to a specific joint committee.
All employees working for professional services providers, i.e. accountants, veterinary surgeons, architects and lawyers will fall under the competence of joint committee 336.

Until now, establishing joint committee 336 has resulted in minor adjustments, such as the modification of the social security number (second quarter 2008).

On 27 March 2009 the members of the joint committee were appointed [1] and this joint committee became active. As from this date, it can be expected that, within joint committee 336, collective labour agreements will effectively be concluded with regard to work conditions.

We advise employers to investigate as to whether or not their company is classified under the correct joint committee seeing how new rules concerning time-credit and the end year premiums, amongst others, are to be expected in the future.