6th Edition of the Flinn Cup on September 2, 2022 - Save the date!




You don't have to be a sailing professional to participate in the 6th Edition of the Flinn Cup!

The Flinn Cup is a friendly inter law firm sailing competition which takes place every year.  It brings together both national and international law firms and will be held on Friday September 2nd 2022.

If you simply want to have a good time with your colleagues, in a magical setting in the wonderful city of Ostend (Belgium), then the FLINN Cup is made for you! Be aware that, even if the weather conditions can be challenging sometimes, we always put safety first at Ostend Sailing vzw. It is a real Teambuilding and networking experience!

This year's edition will contribute to the building of "Watersport Basis Oosteroever" by Ostend Sailing vzw. Besides, the club is raising public awareness of the disastrous consequences of plastic pollution in our beautiful North Sea and throughout the world. For the organization of our event, this specifically means making use of recyclable cardboard signage, not using plastic lunch bags, no plastic spoons or yoghurt pots, aiming at: ZERO PLASTIC and minimal waste! To top it all off, the FLINN 3D Cup, still in the hands of Allen & Overy, winner of the 2021 edition, was designed and manufactured by Stentys from corn protein rather than plastic.

If you are interested, please speak about it within your law firm. You can also represent your law firm with a limited number of persons and team up with other participating lawyers. 

You will find the relevant information at: www.flinncup.be. If you are interested please feel free to complete the registration form before July 25th 2022.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your requests or questions!

Best regards and … see you on the water in Ostend!

Benoit Simpelaere
Partner - FLINN.Law
President - Ostend Sailing vzw
Mobile : +32 475 36 83 05  

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