New Data Protection Authority Act Published

On 10 January 2018, the act on the creation of the Data Protection Authority (the "Act") was published in the Belgian State Gazette. The Act will enter into force on 25 May 2018, except for the provisions relating to the appointment of members of the Executive Committee, the Knowledge Centre and the Dispute Resolution Body, which will enter into force on the publication date.

Thus, as from 25 May 2018, the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy (the "Privacy Commission") will be replaced by the Data Protection Authority ("Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit"/"Autorité de protection des données").

The Data Protection Authority will consist of six bodies:

  • the Executive Committee ("Directiecomité"/"Comité de direction");
  • the General Secretariat ("Algemeen secretariaat"/"Secrétariat général");
  • the Front-line Service Centre ("Eerstelijnsdienst"/"Service de première ligne");
  • the Knowledge Centre ("Kenniscentrum/"Centre de connaissances");
  • the Inspectorate ("Inspectiedienst"/"Service d'inspection"); and
  • the Dispute Resolution Body ("Geschillenkamer"/"Chambre contentieuse")

The Data Protection Authority will be supported by an independent Review Council ("Reflectieraad"/"Conseil de reflexion").

The Data Protection Authority will have jurisdiction for the entire territory of Belgium.

More information on the composition and powers of the various constituent bodies can be found in the table below.

Executive Committee

General Secretariat

Front-line Service Centre

Head and composition

  • Chair = the Authority's president
  • The director of the General Secretariat, the director of the Knowledge Centre, the director of the Front-line Service Centre, the general inspector, the president of the Dispute Resolution Body
  • Director of the General Secretariat
  • Director of the Front-line Service Centre


  • Approval of the financial statements, decision on the budget, annual report, strategic plan
  • Internal organisation of the Authority
  • Determination of performance indicators relating to execution of the annual report, the strategic plan and the management plan
  • Legitimation cards
  • Establishment of rules of procedure
  • Questions regarding HR, the budget, IT, etc.
  • Legal questions regarding management of the Authority
  • Internal/external communication
  • General promotion, surveillance and information tasks, advice, etc.
  • Accreditation tasks
  • Approval of standard contractual clauses
  • Receipt of complaints and requests
  • Launch of mediation procedure
  • Promotion of data protection to the public
  • Promotion at processors and sub-processors 
  • Information on the exercise of rights of the data subjects

Knowledge Centre


Dispute Resolution Body

Head and composition

  • Director of the Knowledge Centre + 6 members
  • General inspector + other inspectors
  • President (=magistrate) + 6 judges


  • Issuance of opinions and recommendations, either at its own initiative or further to a request by the government or legislature
  • Identifying persons
  • Hearing persons
  • Leading written investigations
  • Conducting on-site inspections
  • Consulting and copying IT systems and the data they contain
  • Accessing information by electronic means
  • Seizing or placing under seal assets or IT systems
  • Requesting that a telecommunications operator identify a given user
  • Resolution of disputes