Sexism in employment relationship is now officially sanctioned

The anti-discrimination law sanctions sexism in employment relationships since August 2014.

  • What is sexism?

Sexism is defined as any gesture or behaviour which, under the circumstances detailed under article 444 of the Criminal Code, has the purpose or effect of degrading someone, due to his/her gender or where someone treats a person less favourably because of their gender leading to a severe loss of dignity by the victim.
This includes acts perpetrated during meetings or in public places, in the presence of several individuals whether intentionally or otherwise, in any place whatsoever in presence of the offended person and in front of witnesses, in writing (whether printed or not), displayed images, sold or exposed to the public eye and even in writing where such writing has not been displayed in public but has been addressed or communicated to several persons.

  • Sanctions

Anyone who discriminates against someone in the employment relationship due to their gender faces imprisonment (1 month up to 1 year) and a fine (50 to 1,000€) or only one of these sanctions.