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From Open Banking to Open Finance: FIDA -Exploring the EU Financial Data Access Framework

Région Bruxelles

19 Nov.


Au sujet de la formation

Evolving from Open Banking to Open Finance

The FIDA proposal represents a groundbreaking initiative, a paradigm shift that will allow evolution from Open Banking to Open Finance

The Financial Data Access Framework proposal is at the forefront of the revolutionary movement of the data-driven economy, where access to accurate and timely financial information is vital for fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and improving customer experiences within the financial services sector.

Developed to facilitate open finance practices, FIDA allows financial institutions, fintech firms, and other market participants to leverage customer data securely and efficiently. Understanding the opportunities, but most importantly, the implications and challenges is a necessity.  

During this conference, we will discuss in detail what FIDA entails for all players within the financial sector.

We will look into:

  • The scope and implications of FIDA
  • The transformational shift from PSD2, PSD3 & PSR Open Banking towards Open Finance
  • Data sharing under FIDA
  • Data interoperability and trust frameworks
  • How to balance financial innovation, consumer privacy and regulatory oversight

Join us and gain valuable insights from industry experts at the European and national levels.

This conference is for: Head of Payments, Head of Digital Banking, CISO, CTO, Heads of API Strategy and Development, Compliance Officer, Data Privacy Officer, Product Manager, Head of API Strategy & Development, Fintech, Payment Service Provider, Payment Solution Provider, Payments Consultant, Lawyers.

This conference is part of the Payments Pack 2024. If you are registered for the Payments Pack 2024, you are automatically registered for this event.

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Scott McInnes
Partner, Financial Services, Payments Services

Lauren Jones
SVP, Global Advisory

Begoña Blanco Sanchez
Head of Product Management Payments
ING Belgium

Laurence Van Meerhaeghe
Senior Legal Councel & Data Expert

Open Futurist

Nilixa Devlukia
Open Finance Association

Elisa Dell'Anna
Compliance Advisor Consumer and Data Protection
KBC Bank en Verzekering

Lous Vervuurt
Legal Director Financial Services
Pinsent Mason

Andre Walter
Legal Director Technology, Media and Telecom
Pinsent Mason

Arturo González Mac Dowell
ETPPA (European Third Party Providers Association)

LĪga Semane
Policy Adviser on Data and Innovation
European Banking Federation (EBF)


Date 19 November

Time 09:00 - 17:00

Price 799€

Accreditation Credits 6


Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie

Avenue Louise 1050 Brussels, 91/93

1050, Bruxelles


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Google Maps
Rue Van Meyel 28,

1080 Bruxelles



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