With more than 120 lawyers, we offer unrivalled depth and breadth. We have specialists for all the legal needs that arise for the corporations, financial institutions and governments that we advise. The Belgian team is closely integrated within the global platform. It provides access to insights and developments across the globe and integrated legal expertise wherever our clients need it. 

We are proud of our credibility and relationships with the international institutions based in Belgium. A dedicated EU Law and Policy group stays close to developments at the level of EU institutions and enables our legal experts to provide advice that is anchored in a solid understanding of the evolving political framework. Our lawyers are leading experts in their fields with a global mindset and platform. They are advising on the most complex M&A and real estate transactions, financial structures, tax strategies, IP and data protection issues, as well as on regulatory compliance strategies and employment issues.



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  • Droit des sociétés
  • Droit civil
  • Droit fiscal
  • Droit public et administratif
  • Litiges et arbitrage/médiation
  • Droit pénal
  • Droit du travail et sécurité sociale
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