Transparency in Belgian Healthcare Relationships

Betransparent.be recently released its second Sunshine Act publication, based on information provided by 596 pharma and medical device companies. In 2018, these companies collectively invested €219,188,627 in various forms of cooperation with healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organizations (HCOs) and patient organizations active in Belgium.

An amount of €124,565,831 was invested in scientific research (e.g. clinical trials and studies).

The other categories of cooperation were scientific events (€40,287,182), donations and gifts which support healthcare (€23,715,604), and consultancy and services (€20,694,259).

The industry worked most often with specialized physicians, followed by nurses, general practitioners, veterinarians and pharmacists.

For the first time since the launch of betransparent.be, companies active in the field of medicinal products for veterinary use disclosed their cooperation with healthcare practitioners and accordingly this is the first time veterinarians are included in the transparency register.

The 2018 data can be consulted in the betransparent.be register by entering the name of an HCP, HCO, PO or a pharmaceutical or medtech company.

For more information, please see betransparent.be’s press release (French / Dutch).