Member State Committee reviews the first application of the prioritisation approach for SVHCs

On 8-10 April 2014, ECHA's Member State Committee (MSC) discussed during its meeting, among other items, the prioritisation results in the preparation of the 6th ECHA draft recommendation on the candidate substances of very high concern (''SVHCs'') for inclusion in the Authorization List (REACH's Annex XIV).

The revised prioritisation approach was published by ECHA in February 2014 (it can be found here). Essentially, in light of Article 58 (3) of the REACH Regulation, the document considers inherent properties of candidate list chemicals, their volumes, and wide dispersive uses, in order to give a total score and weighting.

In this context, ECHA described to the MSC the selection of substances to be assessed for priority, as well as how the revised prioritisation approach is applied. It is expected that the MSC will review the prioritisation process in detail in its next meeting on 8-12 June 2014. As a next step, ECHA will publish the 6th recommendation on the prioritised SVHCs (a subset of the candidate list) for a public consultation