Mandatory Eco-cheques for JC n°218

On 18 June 2009, the social partners of Joint Committee (JC) n°218 adopted a draft sectoral agreement for the years 2009-2010. This project is currently submitted to the Trade Unions for approval and should materialise shortly in the form of a sectoral CBA.
Under the terms and conditions of this agreement, each year, the 400.000 employees of JC n° 218 will be entitled to Eco-cheques, the value of which will depend upon their work regime and their employment during a specific period.

Full-time employees will be entitled to Eco-cheques for a total amount of 125 EUR in 2009 and 250 EUR in 2010 while part-time employees will be entitled to receive Eco-cheques in accordance with the following rates:

Work Regime 2009 2010  As from 4/5 of full time 125 EUR 250 EUR   As from 3/5 of full time 100 EUR 200 EUR   As from 1/2 of full time 75 EUR  150 EUR   Less than 1/2 of full time 50 EUR  100 EUR

However, these amounts will vary in proportion to the work actually performed (or assimilated) during the specific period lasting over 12 months as from 1 June of the calendar year preceding the year the Eco-cheques were paid out.

The Eco-cheques will be granted for the first time during the month of November 2009. As from 2010, they will be distributed each year during the month of June.

The sectoral agreement also foresees the possibility to convert the Eco-cheques into an equivalent benefit before 30 October 2009. In any case, the total cost for the employer will not to exceed the cost of the attribution of Eco-cheques.

Eco-cheques are not subject to standard social security contributions in so far as they are granted in accordance with the Law [1].