Trichloroethylene and seven chromium compounds added to REACH Annex XIV

On 17 April 2013 the European Commission adopted Regulation 348/2013 amending Annex XIV of REACH Regulation 1907/2006 in order to add eight substances to the REACH authorization list. The mentioned regulation covers trichloroethylene and seven chromium compounds, namely chromium trioxide, acids generated from chromium trioxide and their oligomers (chromic acid, dichromic acid, oligomers of chromic acid and dichromic acid), sodium dichromate, potassium dichromate, ammonium dichromate, potassium chromate and sodium chromate.

As regards the five cobalt compounds (cobalt sulphate, cobalt dichloride, cobalt dinitrate, cobalt carbonate and cobalt diacetate), which were also recommended for prioritisation for authorisation, they were not included in Annex XIV. However, the Commission considers that there are risks to human health associated with their use in surface treatment which are not adequately controlled and need to be addressed. Accordingly, the Commission will request ECHA to prepare a dossier for their eventual inclusion. For now, inclusion in Annex XIV shall be postponed until the process is concluded.