JANSEN legal

JANSEN legal is a Brussels law firm whose small size and personalised approach allows for optimum efficiency in advising and defending its clients.

Approach and strategy  

JANSEN legal first carries out a thorough analysis of the risks faced by its clients in the situations they are presented with.

Then we define, together with our client, an approach that encompasses the general, human and legal or economic aspect of the case, with the aim of finding an optimal solution to the issues presented.

We accompany and represent our clients in all jurisdictions and administrative sectors, as well as in arbitration procedures.

We advise and assist our clients in contract negotiations and issues of adherence, as well as in transactions and contract terminations.

The firm is also specialised in helping litigation parties find alternative methods to resolve conflicts, such as via mediation or conciliation.

Personalised relations

Every client has a personal contact with the JANSEN legal attorney that is responsible for their file.


JANSEN legal includes amongst its clients SMEs and individuals, foundations, associations and national as well as multinational corporations who appreciate the niche perspective JANSEN legal can bring.

The law firm is multilingual, treating cases equally in French, Dutch, English, Italian, Spanish and Polish, and has correspondences with law firms throughout Europe as well as in the United States.

Professional collaborations

As our aim is to supply the highest level of professional service possible, we are specialists in our own fields, but we can’t be specialists in everything. For example, in treating specific fiscal issues, we include collaborative relations with fiscal specialists as well as with other specialised attorneys, both in Belgium and abroad, in order to ensure for our clients a personalised service that is perfectly adapted to their needs and those of their company.  

  • Brussel
  • Handelsrecht en contracten
  • Vennootschapsrecht
  • Burgerlijk recht
  • Fiscaal recht
  • Geschillen en arbitrage/bemiddeling
  • Strafrecht
  • Arbeidsrecht en sociale zekerheid
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