Vanderstappen-Robert is a boutique litigation firm with a focus on strategic legal issues, emergency proceedings, arbitration, mass damages claims and complex international law disputes. The firm was founded by Nicolas Vanderstappen and Laurent Robert, who both have been working in top-tier international law firms before.

Vanderstappen-Robert specializes in navigating the intricate landscapes of high-stakes litigation. Their commitment to excellence, strategic acumen, and a thorough understanding of the complexities of litigation cases set them apart. They believe that in order to efficiently resolve disputes, more than only formal court proceedings may be required. A variety of strategies and out-of-court techniques are necessary, in order to provide solid results for their clients. 

  • Brussel
  • Vennootschapsrecht
  • Geschillen en arbitrage/bemiddeling
  • Bank- en financieel recht
  • Toezicht & regelgeving (financieel)
  • Strafrecht
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