Amicus curiae contest

The CCBE Amicus Curiae contest is a competition which is organised every year and which is addressed to law students (undergraduate, post graduate, master) whose degree is a prerequisite to enter the legal profession, and trainee lawyers,  in countries the Bars and Law Societies of which are members of the CCBE (see full list of members here).

The " CCBE Amicus Curiae " contest consists of a fictitious amicus curiae brief submitted by law students/trainee lawyers to be selected each year on a competitive basis. However, this amicus curiae brief is fictitious in the sense that it is not intended to be used in any actual ongoing proceedings.

The aims of this contest are as follow:

  • Supporting a threatened lawyer by providing a forum for their defence.
  • Making the CCBE and its work known to the population of young future European lawyers.
  • Emphasizing the essential role of lawyers in the construction and defence of the rule of law.
  • Providing practical experience to law students aspiring to become lawyers by giving them the opportunity to practice writing a note that would take the form of an amicus curiae brief.

The competition is open to law students (undergraduate, post graduate, master) and trainee lawyers in countries the Bars and Law Societies of which are members of the CCBE.

The selected brief will be publicised by the CCBE via its website and through its social media.

The winner will also be invited to receive a symbolic award at one of the CCBE's plenary sessions or standing committees which will be held in a different European country each year around May or June. This year, the ceremony will take place in Bordeaux, France, on 16 May 2025.

Registration for the competition starts as of September 1, 2024 and ends on November 30, 2024.