About LexGO

LexGO occupies a unique position in the Belgian and Luxembourg legal landscapes. It is the premium job board and web portal for the legal community, which it serves through www.lexgo.be and www.lexgo.lu.

We were founded in 2007 as a dedicated legal job board but gradually morphed into a specialized web-portal, as more and more other content was added (news, articles, events & trainings, books, search tools).

In line with the multilingual reality of the Belgian and Luxembourg legal landscapes, LexGO presents itself as a truly multilingual platform. All content is always accessible, irrespective of the language of the resource and of the language the visitor has selected on the site.

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Hugo De Maertelaere

Hugo De Maertelaere

Partner and account manager

Lawyer, recruitment specialist and accidental entrepreneur.

Smiles a lot and speaks English, Dutch and French.

Laurence Durodez

Laurence Durodez

Senior account manager

Lawyer, journalist/editor and event organizer. Also looks after Luxembourg.

Speaks French and English.

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LexGO Legal Career Guide

Each year, LexGO publishes the LexGO Legal Career Guide on paper. This guide is published at the start of the judicial year (end of September). Since 2021, we also have a version available online via https://careerguide.lexgo.be.

9,000 copies of the paper version of the Legal Career Guide are distributed free of charge during events, job days or legal seminars to legal professionals and law students (including the professional Bachelors).

The LexGO Legal Career Guide allows law firms, service providers, legal tech firms and suppliers to the legal community to accurately pinpoint their adverts and communication to the target audience in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Contact us to learn more about advertising in the Legal Career Guide.

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