Dewit Law Office

Since it was founded in 1945, Dewit Law Office has remained a human-sized firm and has always been careful to personalise all contact with its customers. Its strength lies in the diversity of its members. Dewit Law Office consists of lawyers working full-time internally, dealing with many cases in various subjects, in all the judicial districts of the country. This team is supported daily by a legal assistant, three secretaries as well as several outside lawyers from different bars of the country.

The firm also has permanent correspondents in Asia (China, Thailand, Hong Kong,…) as well as in most countries of the European Union.  

The multilingual, multicultural and multidisciplinary team allows the files, of whatever subject, to be treated in French, Dutch, English and Chinese.  

  • Brussels
  • Commercial
  • Corporate law
  • Civil Law
  • Litigation
  • Employment & Social Security
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