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1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

PwC Legal is an independent law firm, providing a full range of business law services for both national and international clients. All our people share a commitment to providing our clients legal advice that is business-minded and practical.

We are a multidisciplinary team of over 90 passionate lawyers and law professionals working together to provide clients with end-to-end legal solutions. We have a growing network of over 3,500 lawyers across 95 countries, the broadest geographical coverage of any legal services group in the world.

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Mrs. Laurence Janssens (Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Tax & Legal S)
Tel: +32 2 710 73 68
[email protected]

Liselotte Parmentier (Campus Recruiter Tax & Legal)
Tel: +32 2 710 73 68
[email protected]

Mrs. Hanene Bennour (Talent Acquisition Specialist)
Tel: +32 2 710 73 68
[email protected]

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Mrs. Karin Winters (Managing Partner)
Tel: +32 476 60 26 94
[email protected]

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PwC Legal

IT / IP / Digital Lawyer (Senior Managing Associate / Counsel / Director)
PwC Legal - 21/09/2021

As an IT / IP / Digital Lawyer you will build the bridge between law and technology. You will look for legal solutions to the challenges raised by...

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PwC Legal verwelkomt nieuw Banking & Finance team met twee nieuwe advocaat-vennoten

PwC Legal (sinds 1 juli de nieuwe naam van Law Square) heeft op 1 september het Banking & Finance Team van Ivan Peeters en Philip Van Steenwinkel verwelkomd.

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European Court of Justice takes position justifying prohibitions on showing visible signs

On 15 July 2021 the European Court of Justice ruled that employers may legally prohibit employees from wearing any visible signs of political, philosophical or religious beliefs at work if they can prove that they need to appear neutral in front of their clients or need to avoid social conflicts.

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A practical overview of the New Property Law

The new property law of 4 February 2020 that created Book 3 of the new Civil Code on ‘Goods’ (‘Book 3’ or the ‘New Property Law’), published on 17 March 2020 in the Belgian Official Gazette, enters into force on 1 September 2021.

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EU Digital COVID-19 certificates and free PCR tests this summer

In order to facilitate the safe and free movement of people within the EU, the European Commission introduced the Digital Covid Certificate which should be available in all Member States as of 1 July 2021. This EU Digital Covid Certificate was made available in Belgium on 16 June 2021.

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An introduction to social inspections

The government has made the fight against social dumping and social fraud a priority, resulting in ever-increasing monitoring action from social inspectorate services. 

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