At LexSensis we understand the economics of the changing world of legal services and we enable our clients to take on big cases while staying nimble and cost efficient.

We also allow our candidates the independence and opportunity to use and develop their experience. As a result, we have been successfully providing document review and legal translation services for clients since 2008.  

On top of their legal specialties, our consultants have extensive hands-on experience of document review projects and legal translation support. Our pan-European, multilingual network allows us to communicate in your language and gives you the flexibility and capacity to take on any project, in any language you might need.

Our experience means we understand your exact requirements and how to select the right team for your project.  

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EU Lawmakers and experts voice doubts on Privacy Shield

Lawmakers and experts have voiced doubts about the value of new rules proposed by the European Commission to protect the privacy of EU citizens' data …