Launch of Allegrarte

Former lawyer Dominique Fostier has launched Allegrarte, the first Belgian online gallery. "The creation of Allegrarte has been fuelled by my childhood passion for art. I'm driven by a desire to make contemporary art accessible to the public. We are currently going through dark times, either stuck working at home or working in almost empty offices. Yet now more than ever, we need light, beauty and bright perspectives. Why not make room for art in your life? Change your setting and you’ll change your mood!", Dominique explained.

With the help of contemporary art experts, he has succeeded in gathering a collection of quality pieces produced by talented artists. All of the work is available for purchase or rent (100% tax deductible expense for offices starting at 100€/month).

You can consult this collection here.

"You may discover a unique piece to display in your office to impress your clients. Or why not treat yourself or relatives by offering affordable artwork as an original Christmas or New Year’s present?", Dominique concluded.

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