September is ending. Flexibility isn’t.

The Belgian labour market is becoming more flexible every day. Working time, remuneration and organisational structure are evolving. The thematic leaves cannot stay behind, and this also applies to parental leave.

Current modalities

Today, parents have right to take parental leave:

  • For a maximum of 4 months of full-time parental leave, consecutive or split up into months;
  • For a maximum of 8 months of part-time parental leave, consecutive or split up into periods of 2 months;
  • For a maximum of 20 months of 4/5 parental leave, consecutively or split up into periods of 5 months.

What’s next?

On 26 September 2018, two new laws were published in the Belgian Official Gazette which introduce new changes in the field of thematic leaves. The new laws provide for the following modalities with regard to parental leave:

  • Introduction of 1/10 parental leave;
  • Possibility of splitting up fulltime parental leave into weeks;
  • Possibility of splitting up part-time parental leave into months.
  • Good news for employees because this ensures flexibility in the organisation of their family life, which we all value. 

Consequences for your organisation? 

The employees’ right will not be absolute. Employers will have to agree with these modalities. This means more flexibility for the employees taking into account the needs of the business!

That’s what we like!

For example, an employee will soon be able to take care of his/her children on every Wednesday afternoon or every other Wednesday (presumably) with the company’s approval.

Please note that this reform will only be applicable as of the enactment of specific Royal Decrees.