Legal hiring platform Limine extends offering with permanent positions

Limine is a Brussels-based start-up providing companies with a digital platform to directly access vetted legal talent for interim and on-demand legal work. As of March 2023, Limine also covers vacancies for permanent positions.  

“We have developed a robust solution using data and technology combined with our personal human touch to match businesses directly with the right legal candidate”, says Tina De Maere (CEO). “More clients started asking for a search feature to find candidates interested in permanent positions and more candidates are switching between temporary and permanent positions. That’s why we extended our data platform with matchmaking for permanent positions.”

The digital staffing platform started in 2021 and grew fast with the nickname “Tinder for legal hiring”. Today, companies like Barco, TotalEnergies, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé and De Lijn use Limine because it allows them to find legal talent much faster and negotiate directly and in all transparency without interference from a traditional recruiter. 

Tina De Maere: “Bottomline, it’s all about saving our clients time and money. We keep investing in improving our platform and are talking with investors to help us grow further, stretching the possibilities of our data platform.”

Limine believes that as long as excessive margins, non-transparent procedures and unreliable matching results are common in the conservative world of legal hiring, it will keep growing fast.