Recognition for Knowliah in Gartner report on Enterprise Legal Management Solutions

Knowliah was recently named as one of the Representative Vendors worldwide in the October 2019 Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions by the leading research and advisory company Gartner. Moreover, the Belgian software company has recently set itself even more apart from its competitors on the market thanks to a new product: Knowliah Author.

Belgian Legal Tech provider receives worldwide recognition

The Belgian software company Knowliah was named as one of the Representative Vendors worldwide in the October 2019 Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions by Gartner*. It is a gratifying recognition for Knowliah, because Gartner is known as the world’s leading research and advisory company.

Of the 18 mentioned international vendors, only 4 are from Europe, of which 1 from Belgium, being Knowliah. The other 3 mentioned European vendors are from Italy, Germany and Ireland.

Research & advice: Gartner for Legal & Compliance

Gartner is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,600 organizations in 100+ countries. Specifically, Gartner for Legal & Compliance provides legal professionals with research insights, advice, tools and data to deliver on the mission-critical priorities and keep up with the accelerating pace of business today.

To support the legal departments in their mission, Gartner offers relevant articles and e-books on the subject. In October 2019, Gartner released their Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions.

Discover: Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions

One of the main insights of the Gartner Market Guide (October 2019) is that application leaders should work together with legal department leaders and use the Market Guide to understand the changing market and inform their technology choices.

As one of these application leaders, Knowliah offers Enterprise Legal Management solutions to help in-house legal departments manage their daily operations and workflows, with less effort and more compliance and risk mitigation.

How can Knowliah support your daily workflow?

The modular Knowliah platform combines 3 solutions legal counsel are looking for: matter & entity management, document & e-mail management and knowledge management or search. Thanks to the user-friendly application, legal counsel can store documents and e-mails in 1 to 4 seconds, for example. On top of that, they can also quickly find all relevant documents related to a customer, case or issue; a real complete 360° view at no extra effort.

A new contract creation tool on the market: Knowliah Author

To facilitate contract creation, Knowliah has recently released Knowliah Author: a smart and simple contract creation tool. Knowliah Author is fully integrated in Microsoft Word, and thus fully integrated in the familiar working environment of the lawyer or legal professional. This user-friendly tool ensures that the user can effortless (re)use clauses and definitions dynamically, as well as different versions and translations of them.

The Knowliah Author is fully integrated in the Matter Management platform, supporting the Contract Lifecycle Management process, going from template design, document creation and generation, revision and approval workflows, e-signing and archiving. The fact that the authoring tool is integrated in Microsoft Word, not web-based and focusses on text rather than fields, offers the legal counsel:

  1. ease of work
  2. way more flexibility in automation
  3. always keep the control. 

Compared to other approaches, Knowliah Author offers a shorter implementation and less change for the lawyer or legal professional.

In addition to the legal department, the business user will also enjoy the usefulness of the tool, as it will allow fully automatic generation of contracts, NDA's and other legal documents, based on his or her specific requirements. As a result, the legal team will offer more services with less effort, the collaboration of the legal department with its internal clients will be strongly supported and productivity will increase substantially.

Source: Gartner "Market Guide for Enterprise Legal Management Solutions," Nikos Drakos, Jim Murphy, 7 October 2019.