Le Hardÿ & Paternostre

The law firm « le Hardÿ & Paternostre » was founded in 2016.

 Our team provides a wide range of legal services in the realm of corporate law and related matters for small and medium size companies as well as large corporations. We support our clients in writing legal documents or contracts and in delivering comprehensive legal advice. We also drive negotiations, sensitive investigations and litigations alongside our clients.  

 Our collaboration with our corporate and private clients is distinctive, as we steadily commit to firm rigor, continuous availability, swift turnaround and full transparency.

 Our team is strongly equipped with multidisciplinary experiences and background, enabling us to deliver outstanding quality thanks to a focus on pragmatism and true commitment for results.

 We handle cases in French, Dutch and English.  

  • Brussels
  • Commercial
  • Corporate law
  • Civil Law
  • Litigation
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