A multidisciplinary law firm serving businesses and institutions. A law firm that caters for the needs of private individuals. In a nutshell, ACTEO focuses on two core areas: firstly, business life and, secondly, relations between citizens and institutions. 

In order to implement its action on the ground, ACTEO deploys around 20 legal experts who are backed up by a highly efficient back-office team. Thanks to the experience of its lawyers, along with their high level of specialisation, their diversity and the complementarity of their skills, ACTEO is able to offer its clients – whether they be Belgian or foreign – global, dynamic and efficient assistance.   

Thanks to the resources at our disposal, we can guarantee CEOs of companies and managers of communities reliable solutions to the most pressing issues that they face, either for preventive purposes or within the framework of disputes. 

Furthermore, ACTEO offers its services to these organisations as a proactive and interactive partner. While others wait for things to happen, we anticipate your needs and maintain constant dialogue.  



  • Liège
  • Commercial
  • Corporate law
  • Civil Law
  • Tax
  • Public & administrative law
  • Criminal
  • Employment & Social Security
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