Simont Braun

Our organization is one of the leading independent law firms in Belgium. Simont Braun offers services both to Belgian and international clients. The fact that we are not part of a legal network allows us to develop privileged relationships, on a non-exclusive basis, with leading and specialized foreign-based law firms and other specialized service providers, taking into account the specificities of each case. We favor a multidisciplinary and integrated approach of the fi…



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Payment service providers can rely on bank secrecy in case of tax audit

Can payment service providers rely on bank secrecy in case of tax audits?

Produits défectueux | Le titulaire d’une marque est responsable du produit revêtu de sa marque

La personne qui appose sur un produit son nom, sa marque ou un autre signe distinctif donne l’impression d’être impliquée dans la fabrication du produ…

Simont Braun welcomes new partner in its Supreme Court department

Simont Braun is delighted to announce the appointment of Ann Frédérique Belle as a partner in its Supreme Court department. Ann Frédérique Belle is on…