As a real estate developer, we have a fantastic influence on life. Our buildings determine how the city looks like; now, but also tomorrow and in the next decades. We color urban life and shape the skyline. But we do much more than that; we color the life of the people living and working in our buildings.

And not a single life is standard. They are all unique, surprising, exciting and original. Therefore, we never build standard projects. Therefore, we shamelessly spend a lot of time on beauty and details. On creating a unique and real experience. On searching for exceptional locations and designing special interiors.  

That focus can be found in all of our projects. Whether we give industrial heritage a third life or build student accommodation in an unexploited urban area for the first time, our architecture is everywhere adapted to real life.

That is why our name is 'L.I.F.E.'​ (Living In Funky Environments)  

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