It takes someone special to be a compliance professional

We could hardly pretend that one single approach could help any company sail over its regulatory and compliance challenges. And certainly not in Belgium, especially for SMEs. However, including in our country, companies of all sizes are advised to seriously check whether they have the right sets of skills and the right mix of skills to look at all that regulatory change they will see coming. GDPR has been a serious illustration of the importance of taking data protection seriously, and a warning about the growing challenge of compliance issues.

In order to help companies in Belgium in this field, four prominent organizations - the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB), the Federation of Belgian Chambers of commerce (Belgian Chambers), the International Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (ICC Belgium) and Transparency International Belgium (TI Belgium), have joined forces this year to create the, a platform that offers to compliance professionals the opportunity to join for free the Compliance Pro Register, a community to meet in a non-commercial environment for exchanging knowledge and taking initiatives. At least 5 years of relevant practice is required for admission; and broad variety of practices and industries are already represented.

Further, offers all companies a 360° training on compliance with a cycle composed of 5 afternoon courses in Brussels between 10 October and 7 February. More than 15 of the best legal and business experts of Belgium in different compliance areas will cover as well corporate ethics and compliance management than subject matter topics like anti-corruption, antitrust, data protection, trade compliance, investigation, crisis communication,…

And the cherry on the cake - the co-organizers of insist on the fact that all gatherings should be as friendly and enjoyable as interesting content-wise. Indeed, compliance professionals are definitely worth it! It takes a special person to be a compliance professional today: knowledge, skills, flexibility and open minds are definitely required to meet and overcome the complex regulatory obstacles of tomorrow!

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