5th Edition of the Flinn Cup on Saturday 4th September 2021

The Flinn Cup is organized each year during the first weekend of September. Hosted by Ostend Sailing vzw  as part of the Ostend Cup series it includes a friendly INTER LAW FIRM REGATTA sailed amongst Belgian and International Law Firms.

It is a real Teambuilding and networking experience! An excellent opportunity to have a good time with colleagues, in a magical setting in the bustling Belgian city of Ostend!

The competition is always followed by a delicious “Land and Sea” BBQ in Ostend Sailing’s cozy club-house on Oosteroever beach, followed by a “Crew Party”.


Flinn Law is sponsoring the FLINN Cup for the fifth time this year. The competition will contribute to the building of the new project "Watersport Basis Oosteroever" by Ostend Sailing vzw. Watersport Basis Oosteroever is intended to be a modern and innovative water sports center, open to both top athletes and recreational users, that is respectful of nature. Together with innovation expert TomorrowLab and Architectenbureau Compagnie-O, and numerous partnerships the sailing club is working towards a sustainable future. The club will bring its enthusiastic contribution to the ambitions of the City Council to make Ostend a “water sports paradise”. Everyone is convinced that sustainable 'state of the art' sports infrastructure and the joint unique offering from the six Ostend based water-sports clubs can open the way to Olympic medals.


Since 2019, the FLINN Cup has been held under the general theme “ZERO PLASTIC” because one main objective of all sailing and surf clubs in Belgium – including Ostend Sailing – is to actively and effectively ban the unnecessary use of plastic.

The clubs are raising public awareness of the disastrous consequences of plastic pollution not just for our beautiful North Sea but throughout the world. For the organization of the FLINN Cup, this means not using plastic lunch bags, cardboard guide arrows, no plastic spoons or yoghurt pots, and so on: ZERO PLASTIC and minimal waste!

As a reminder and gift in 2019, each participating sailor received a solid shampoo intended to replace plastic shampoo containers. To top it all off, the FLINN 3D Cup, designed and manufactured by STENTYS, was created from sustainable corn protein.


Several law offices have already agreed to participate again in the FLINN CUP with one or more boats including, in particular: Wim Dejonghe (Allen & Overy), Marco Schoups (Schoups), Ricardo Goncalves (Lawrope), Yves Brosens (PKM Africa), Philippe Billiet (Billiet & Co), Michael Olislaegers (Awerian), Derk van Dam (Ludwig & van Dam). Additional registrations are currently expected.

The friendly inter law firm regatta aims to bring together colleagues and friends who do not need to be experienced sailors. Participants have the opportunity to crew individually or in teams with 5 to 7 persons on professionally equipped race boats (yachts) handled by experienced skippers, some of whom have attended many races such as the recent Rolex Fastnet Race.

The 3 sailing clubs who participate in the wider Ostend Cup series have gathered resources and infrastructure so that sailors from different categories of boats (Yachts, Dragons, SB20, Catamarans, Patin a vela, …) can enjoy a quality sailing experience and share their resources in a safe environment.


You will find the relevant information at: www.flinncup.be. If you are interested, please feel free to complete the registration form. Contact the organizers to ask any questions or to register for the 5th edition, at [email protected]! We will be happy to help!

We look forward to seeing many of you on 4th September and at the future editions!

See you on the water in Ostend!

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