Belgian Legal Community Pledges Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

Belgian Legal Community Pledges Diversity & Inclusion Commitment through a Unique New Alliance

At the initiative of Steptoe and Van Bael & Bellis, 34 law firms ( in Belgium have joined efforts to found the Legal Diversity & Inclusion Alliance (LDIA), a unique initiative in the legal community. The LDIA is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace in which everyone benefits from equal treatment and opportunities, irrespective of race, ethnic or social origin, gender or sexual orientation, age, disability, language, religion, political preference or any other grounds of personal discrimination.

Drawing on our common resources and talent, the legal community has the ability to drive workplace inclusion and diversity within the industry and beyond. We are delighted by the response this initiative has received by our peer firms in Brussels, and look forward to working with members to create professional environments that are welcoming to all," said LDIA Chair Kathleen Van Nuffel, who spearheaded the effort from Steptoe, a Washington, DC-based law firm.

By joining LDIA, member firms affirm their commitment to create a diverse and inclusive work environment, exchange good practices on diversity and inclusion and raise awareness of non-discrimination and diversity issues by combining efforts in organizing events, workshops, and training, among others. LDIA Co-Chair Els Lagasse, who spearheaded the effort from Van Bael & Bellis, an independent European firm headquartered in Brussels, added: “Founding LDIA is a practical but significant step in the journey to equal representation within the legal industry. Together with all member firms, through small concrete actions, we can make a large impact in Brussels and beyond, and hopefully, our efforts today will shape a more inclusive tomorrow.

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Kathleen Van Nuffel, LDIA Chair
Email: [email protected] Tel: +32 476 346 619
Els Lagasse, LDIA Co-Chair
Email: [email protected]

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