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The Cherchi & Partners European Law office has been able since the 1990s, under the auspices of its Belgian and Italian-trained founder, Mariapaola Cherchi, to observe the changes in the way justice and the law is executed across the European Union. Cherchi and Partners has set up an international consulting partnership able to assist clients across the full spectrum of potential legal problems. Despite the fact that one of the principal aims of the European Union has been the creation of a single legal order, the legal systems of the member states of the European Union are far from uniform. This is reflected in Cherchi & Partners’ structure. It is also reflected Cherchi and Partners’ willingness to take on complex, multinational issues with the intention of offering European citizens due protection of their rights and interests, whether private or professional, in all the countries of the European Union. Cherchi & Partners is European in practice as well as spirit, putting itself at the service of European citizens. Europeanization is flourishing in inter-personal relations, in art, culture, teaching, languages and personal mobility. However, it is important not to forget the law, a vital part of any civilized society. Whatever the aspirations for a single integrated European legal order, national legal contexts remain hugely important for companies and individuals alike. The complexity and variety of European law has increased with the enlargement of the European Union. It is an issue which needs to be tackled realistically, in a spirit of transparency and openness. It is in that same spirit of openness towards the world that the Cherchi & Partners European Law Office is now looking to the Asian Continent, with a special focus on the trade between Europe and China. Within a global context, the Cherchi & Partners European Law Office assists its European and Chinese clients during their activities, always paying great attention to the respect and the knowledge of the involved cultures.

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