Annick Mottet joins Ethikos

After building up and leading the Intellectual Property team at Lydian for 15 years, Annick Mottet joins Ethikos as Of Counsel. She reunites with two of her former trainees, Maroussia Verhulst and Thomas Faelli, Partners at Ethikos, to pursue her favorite matters: the protection of brands and their distribution network.

Marioussia Verhulst"I was lucky enough to start my career as an attorney trainee for Annick. She invited me to follow her to her new firm. I continued to work for her for 13 years but remotely from various distant countries. It was rather pioneering at that time, but the pandemic has shown that such flexibility offers multiple opportunities and is now a reality that many of us have experienced. When I returned to Belgium 2 years ago, I decided to join my former colleague and friend, Thomas, who had also been working for Annick. Now it's Annick's turn to join us for a new adventure tour. 

I could not have dreamed better than having her by my side to grow the IP practice of Ethikos. A beautiful story of mutual trust and cohesion that continues.

Annick Mottet: “What a pleasure to team up again with Maroussia and Thomas! It’s the dream of all ‘Maître de Stage’ to see his trainees, in turn, perpetuate the values they have been taught. They have created a business law firm offering a first-class service where Corporate Social Responsibility is not window dressing.
It’s an exciting move in my professional life. Back on Avenue Louise, just beside the magnificent courthouse where I started my career in Brussels. The circle is definitely complete.
I am delighted to put my experience and expertise at the service of the next generation while knowing the sustainability of my work assured and learning every day to operate even more efficiently.

Thomas Faeilli: “Life is full of surprises. I started my legal career with Maroussia. We were both working for Annick. When Maroussia joined Ethikos almost 2 years ago, I was delighted. And when Annick mentioned the idea of joining the two of us, I was thrilled. The idea of seeing the original team together again opened up a whole host of possibilities.

I owe a lot to Annick. She taught me the professional and human values that make a good lawyer. I have always considered her my mentor. It is, therefore, a joy and an honour to have her with us.


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