Reinforcement at Jacon Legal

Jacon Legal is pleased to announce that Eveline Mannaerts will soon start as a legal recruitment consultant at Jacon Legal.

After her graduation as a Paralegal, Eveline started her professional career at a Big Four Law firm where she specialized in Corporate Compliance. After almost three years, she started as a Paralegal Project Consultant at Jacon Legal where she successfully completed several projects. Her consultancy experience and pragmatic approach will undoubtedly come in handy when finding the ideal candidates for clients.

Eveline is excited to start this new career: “I really enjoyed working on legal projects for a variety of clients, through which I gained firsthand experience of what it means to work as an inhouse lawyer or paralegal. In addition to my experience at a law firm, I feel very well prepared to tackle this new challenge at Jacon Legal. I look forward to strengthening my recruiting skills and I cannot wait to meet new candidates and clients.

Eveline's arrival concides with the 12th anniversary of Jacon Legal, which was founded by Ann Jacob in 2010. “It has been a fantastic and very successful experience so far and we are thankful for all our clients and candidates we met during the past 12 years!”, Ann added.