Abolishment of the medical certificate for residence purposes

The Belgian Minister of Migration has decided that a medical certificate should no longer be joined to a visa application (type D) for employees who already provided such a certificate for the purpose of their work permit application.
The same exemption applies to employees who are in possession of a work permit and who come over to Belgium without applying for a visa with the Belgian consular authorities abroad. These employees no longer need to submit a medical certificate when registering with the Belgian communal authorities.

Note that this rule does not apply to foreign employees exempt from the obligation to join a medical certificate to their work permit application (e.g. specialized technicians who come over to Belgium in order to assemble/install foreign built machines/installations for a period shorter than 6 months, etc.) or foreign employees who are exempt from being in possession of a work permit.

This new rule has been communicated to all Belgian communes and consular services abroad and applies as of December 1, 2008.

Zie ook : Laga ( Mr. Matthias Lommers )

[+ http://www.laga.be/newsroom/legal-news/abolishment-of-the-medical-certificate-for-residence-purposes]

Mr. Matthias Lommers Mr. Matthias Lommers
Advocaat / Avocat

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