Mr. Alexis Ceuterick
Mr. Lieven Monserez


Werkgevers zijn een bijzondere bijdrage van 8,86% verschuldigd op de bedragen van bepaalde aanvullende pensioenvoordelen (bijvoorbeeld groepsverzekeringen).

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Mr. Didier Berckmans
Mr. Thomas Martens

Evaluation forfaitaire de certains frais professionnels par l’ONSS

Dans notre newsflash du 11 janvier 2010, nous vous annoncions le renversement de la charge de la preuve des frais professionnels remboursés de manière forfaitaire en matière de sécurité sociale.

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Mrs. Isabelle Van Kruchten

Worden de ziekenhuiszorgen in andere lidstaat terugbetaald door de land van herkomst?

Sociale Zekerheid – Noodzakelijke ziekenhuiszorg tijdens tijdelijk verblijf in andere lidstaat – Geen recht op uitkering van bevoegd orgaan die aanvullend is op uitkering van orgaan van lidstaat van verblijf – Ontwerp van richtlijn

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Mr. Philippe François

New social security contributions on bridge pensions

Until 1 April 2010, two types of social security contributions were due by the employer on bridge pensions. The first was paid to the NPO (National Pensions Office) and ranged from nil to EUR 24.80 per month, while the second was paid to ONEm (National Employment Office) and varied from EUR 24.80 to EUR 111.55 per month.

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Mr. Tom Claeys
Mr. Olivier Malisse

Self-employed workers to join social insurance fund at the latest on the first day of activities: no April Fool's joke

As from 1 April 2010, all self-employed workers have the obligation to join one of the social insurance funds for self-employed persons or the National Fund no later than the first day of their self-employed activity. They will no longer benefit from the transitory period of 90 days to do so as was the case in the past.

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Mrs. Delphine Bibauw
Mr. Matthias Lommers

Target group of the Flemish Health & Care Agency modified

The Flemish Health & Care Agency covers costs related to nonmedical care and services (medico-social services, home or residential care).

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Social security agreement between India and Belgium

Social security agreement between India and Belgium

On 1 September 2009, the long-anticipated Social Security Agreement between the Kingdom of Belgium and the Republic of India (the “SSA”) entered into force. The SSA was signed in New Delhi on 3 November 2006 and is considered as a landmark agreement as it was the first treaty of its kind to be signed by the Indian authorities. Therefore it is likely to serve as a benchmark for similar agreements between India and other countries.

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Mrs. Annemie Douchy
Mr. Olivier Malisse
Mr. Nicolaas Vermandel

New European Regulation 883/2004 regarding the social security legislation applicable to workers moving within the EU

The new Regulation (EC) N° 883/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of 29 April 2004 on the coordination of social security schemes (hereafter ‘Regulation 883/2004’) is expected to be applied on 1 March 2010. This may have a significant impact on the social security situation of your mobile employees.

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Mr. Olivier Malisse

New restrictions to the affiliation with overseas social security office (DOSZ/OSSOM)

At present, all workers performing a professional activity outside the European Economic Area (EEA)[1] and Switzerland can affiliate voluntarily to the Overseas Social Security Office (DOSZ/OSSOM), whatever their nationality and irrespective of the existence of a working relationship with Belgium.

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