USG Professionals

Berchemstadionstraat 76
2600 Berchem

USG Professionals sets a course for legal talent. And turns their expertise into crystal clear solutions.

Our activities

Your organisation and corporate culture are the cornerstones of our solutions. An an extensive amount of expertise combined with market knowledge allows us to offer different service delivery models. In consultation with you, your USG Professionals consultant will determine proactively which solution best fits your legal needs.

• Recruitment & Selection / Headhunting 
• Legal Interim Management 
• Outsourcing: Web Working Counsels 
• Legal Assist (Paralegals) 
• International Solutions 

USG Professionals is a member of USG People. 

Our benefits

1. We are committed to results 
The fact that we boast the biggest network of legal professionals in the country should not be your main reason to choose us. Our commitment to your results is also reflected in a great responsiveness, accuracy in our screenings, and a proactive attitude in finding tailored solutions.

2. Transparency is our second nature
We offer full transparency through all the stages of our processes. We keep you informed of the candidates that we have in mind, the market situation and the steps we will take in the future.

3. We’re straightforward and up-front
We work with people, so we believe in a human approach. We communicate directly, but always honestly. Because your USG Professionals consultant has a legal background, he or she speaks your language and understands your needs.

4. Your consultant is your trusted counsel
We guarantee 100% confidentiality. Whether we are dealing with clients or candidates. This is how we forge strong and lasting bonds based on trust with people from the whole legal world.

5. The added value of USG Professionals
Our overarching group USG Professionals shares our ambition to look further than your initial challenge. Thanks to them, we can also rely on extensive HR knowledge. And hence match the right legal expert with your organisation.


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