Q & A Employment Law - European Football Championship | What to do in case of a work accident during a staff activity?

Q: Unfortunately, Eden Hazard is severely tackled. Suppose Eden is your worker and breaks his leg during an outing, is it an accident at work?

A: A work accident can also occur if the accident takes place during an activity organized by the employer, such as a team building activity, a staff party, ... and this even if the participation in the activity is optional. Indeed, it is presumed that the employees are morally obliged to attend.

This is also the case if the activity takes place outside the workplace.

However, it is required that the employee’s personal freedom is limited and that the employee is under the authority of his employer. For example, it can be considered a work accident if Eden breaks his leg while playing a soccer game on the employer's company team. However, if Eden breaks his leg after the activity has ended, while some employees continue the activity on their own initiative, there is no longer a work accident, because the purpose and cohesion of the group have disappeared and there is therefore no restriction of individual freedom or authority on the part of the employer.

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