Employee party in the company building

Q: We organise a party of freedom linked to a match of the Red Devils on our company premises. What rules do we observe? And in the open air?

A: The following rules should be observed during the party:

  • Employees should be received in groups of four and should also be seated at a table in groups of four. Encounters between tables (with more than four people) should be avoided. The tables should be at least 1.5 m apart ;
  • Employees must be informed about the applicable preventive measures;
  • Employees must always respect the rules of social distancing (1.5m). If this is not possible, a mouth mask must be worn;
  • The party may last until 23.30 at the latest;
  • The employer must provide good ventilation, hand hygiene products and products for disinfecting the room and the equipment used.

In addition, it is not possible to invite an unlimited number of employees:

  • If the party is organized on company premises, the limit of maximum 50 employees may not be exceeded;
  • If the party is organized outside the company premises, a maximum of 200 or 400 people must attend, depending on whether the event takes place indoors or outdoors;
  • In addition, the limit for employees who have a job that permits working from home must also be taken into account. Their presence at the party must be considered as a "moment of return" (to promote team spirit and well-being). This means that their presence can never be made compulsory and, moreover, only 20% of them may be present at the workplace at the same time. In the week of the party, they may not be present at the company premises on any other weekday.

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