Archive 2009

Mr. Lieven Monserez
Mr. Geert Joosten

Indexation of salaries in the National Auxiliary Joint Committee for White-collar Workers (JC n° 218)

The indexation of salaries in joint committee (JC) n° 218 raises certain issues which are highlighted as follows.

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Mr. Matthias Lommers

Extension of the transitional period for workers from Romania and Bulgaria

With the publication of the Royal Decree of 18 December 2008 with respect to the employment of foreign workers, Belgium has used its possibility to prolong the transitional period which was initially expected to end on 1 January 2009. 

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Mr. Geoffroy Fink
Mr. Emmanuel Leroux

Audit committee in listed companies and financial institutions

The legal recognition of the audit committee aims to promote high quality financial information. Nevertheless the strengthening of the independence criteria may well make the appointment of people who are independent within the meaning of the Belgian Company Code more difficult.

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