Distribution law

Mrs. Christine Flion
Mrs. Stessie Soccio

New Judgement of October 28 2010 on the interpretation of article 18 (a) of Council Directive 86/653/EEC

In a recent decision Volvo Car Germany GmbH v Autohof Weidensdorf GmbH (C-203/09), the European Court of Justice (hereinafter the “ECJ”) has given a preliminary ruling that Article 18 (a) of the Directive precludes a self-employed commercial agent from being deprived of his goodwill indemnity where the principal establishes a default by that agent which occurred after notice of termination of the contract was such as to justify immediate termination of the contract in question.

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Mrs. Sophie VAN CAMP

Franchise en onderhuur

Wanneer een franchisegever een handelshuurovereenkomst sluit, om deze nadien in onderhuur te geven aan haar franchisenemer is het doorgaans zijn bedoeling ten allen tijde hoofdhuurder te blijven van de handelshuurovereenkomst.

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Mr. Andrzej Kmiecik

Agent or Distributor: A Competition Law Perspective

The advantages of selling through a genuine agent.

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