Mr. JĂĽrgen Egger
Ms. Silvia Van Dyck

Judicial settlement system extended

On 14 April 2011, the Belgian Parliament approved an important adjustment to the existing system of judicial settlement in criminal matters (art. 216bis CCP) in order to facilitate its application in tax fraud and white collar crime cases in general.

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Mrs. CĂ©line Pouppez

La Cour de Cassation précise les limites du secret médical dans le cas du patient victime

In line with its previous jurisprudence, the Supreme Court has recently stated that medical confidentiality does not extend to facts that the patient is the victim of. The reasoning of the Court, as reflected in its ruling of 18 June 2010, confirms that the boundaries of medical confidentiality should be defined by referring to the purpose of this rule, enshrined in article 458 of the Penal Code, namely the protection of the relationship between doctor and patient.

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Extension of the Miranda Warning to the EU: a revolution in (Belgian) criminal procedure

Extension of the Miranda Warning to the EU: a revolution in (Belgian) criminal procedure

Criminal law could be considered an unlikely area of interest for business lawyers. However, over the course of the past decade, criminal sanctions have been introduced in many areas of law such as environmental law, IP/IT law, tax law, employment law, transport law, urban and regional planning, social security and employment law, etc.

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Mrs. Annelies Verplancke

Sociaal Strafwetboek goedgekeurd door het parlement

In onze nieuwsbrief 2010/1 deelden wij reeds mee dat het sociaal strafwetboek eraan zat te komen. Intussen keurde het parlement net voor het begin van de zomer het wetsontwerp tot invoering van het Sociaal Strafwetboek ook formeel goed.

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Mr. Marcel Houben

The introduction of the Social Criminal Code

The law introducing the Social Criminal Code has been published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 1 July 2010. By introducing the Social Criminal Code the legislator aims at establishing a clear and coordinated whole of the sanctions that may be imposed in case of violation of the employment and industrial relations legislation and of the social security legislation.

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Mrs. Isabel Plets

The new Employment Criminal Code: is the wait worth it?

On 1 July 2010, the entirely new Employment Criminal Code was published in the official gazette. The legislation has been long in coming, and all players in the field of employment criminal law had long anticipated it.

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Porter plainte

Porter plainte

Pratique déloyale en matière de construction

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