A busy first year for legal start-up Ask Q

Ask Q was founded a year ago by the law firm Quinz, because customers were increasingly facing capacity problems in their legal departments. Today, Ask Q is already holding its own with local and international customers, including Baloise, Spadel, Ads & Data, Weba and some pharma multinationals.

Ask Q after one year:

- among its customers are legal departments of large international and Belgian companies;

- the firm has 11 legal experts and wants to double headcount this year;

- last week, Ask Q opened a new, innovative office in Medialaan, Vilvoorde;

- the first "GDPR Expert Lab" is up and running.

"Because of the day-to-day work, many in-house legal counsels don't get around to doing the strategic work," said Marieke Vandriessche, General Manager of Ask Q. "We provide capacity to handle typical peaks or bottlenecks in that legal work on their behalf. As such, we create the necessary space for the legal counsels to engage in projects in which they can make a difference."

Legal counsel on-demand is a relatively new concept in Belgium and is substantially different from legal interim management. "Our experts are more like an extension of the legal team at the customer's and they work at the customer's pace. They are there when needed and disappear when not needed. Also, every expert at Ask Q has a team of other legal experts behind them as well as a direct line to Quinz's lawyers to fall back on."

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