Hussard advises Life Sciences Companies on GDPR

“GDPR is not an easy regulation to implement for Life Sciences companies” states Gauthier Broze, CEO of Hussard, a niche data privacy office (DPO) specialised in Life Sciences which has recently started up in Belgium ( “The transition period is over since 25 May 2018 and there is no way around”.

Belgium is a world-class health cluster with top industrial and research players and a very dynamic biotech ecosystem. “We are lawyers and we want to contribute to the success of the Belgian Pharma Valley. Our ambition is to become 100% legaltech within three years” says Gauthier Broze. 

Our role is to supervise scientific research activities to ensure it complies with GDPR requirements especially during the clinical trial process. “This is critical” Gauthier Broze says, “we need to be confident that the clinical researchers have the appropriate contracts, procedures and controls in place to do things properly and avoid fines when processing sensitive data”.

Data privacy compliance is a job that needs to be done well. Hussard carries out its own compliance review and follows a proprietary template specifically designed for that purpose. “We are spending a lot of time educating the industry” emphasizes Gauthier Broze. 

The aim of Hussard is to guide entrepreneurs and clinical researchers through the process in a minimal amount of time, at reasonable costs whilst ensuring high standards of compliance.

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