Introducing Arelios, GDPR platform for DPO’s

Agilos & GOlegal are proudly announcing that they are joining forces to commercialize Arelios, probably one of the most versatile and pragmatic GDPR platform on the market.

Envisioned by Agilos’ long-standing and recognized BI experience and fueled by GOlegal in terms of legal content expertise, Arelios is the ideal SaaS for DPO’s and organizations wishing to progress seamlessly in their compliance journey.

Basically, the platform revolves around your organization structure (legal entities, departments, teams, …) and is decomposed in 6 main GDPR “obligations” which are systematically articulated in three steps:

  1. Collect relevant information from business SPOCs across all your organization
  2. Based on answers provided, assess the compliance level for each topic, derive a global maturity score and detect any room for improvements
  3. Log all necessary actions (incl. those for the business SPOCs) to progress towards a higher compliancy level

Internal DPO’s will be able to centralize their efforts in one dedicated environment by leveraging on the practical knowledge of business stakeholders across their organization to provide them the necessary information for an informed compliance assessment and actionable implementation roadmap.   

External DPO’s will be able to create isolated environments for each of their clients and will as such be able to pilot the progress across all their assignments in an efficient and standardized way.

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About GOlegal : GOlegal is a scale-up delivering fixed price legal services to B2B customers in Belgium and abroad thanks to its innovative business model. GOlegal offers the peace of mind of being supported by a full in-house legal department to fill a permanent/temporary lack of capacity or expertise.

About Agilos : Agilos converts data into a strategic asset across the entire data (analytics) supply chain. They help organizations discover compelling and actionable insights about their business that will improve their performance, including transforming operations, limiting risk, and discovering new revenue streams.  Their more than 400 happy customers include big organizations like NBB, Fluxys, FN, AXA, CHU Liege, European Commission, Honda, KBC, SPRB, BMW and Umicore, but also smaller companies such as Pairi Daiza, Stuv, Ixina, Eurofoil and Jost Group.  Agilos has 30 employees and 2 offices in Brussels and Luxemburg.

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