4th edition of the LexGO Legal Career Guide is out!

The 4th edition of the LexGO Legal Career Guide has been published. In this peculiar period, marked by disruption and uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we aim to bring more than ever a positive message to the new generation of lawyers regarding their professional future. Making the right choices at the start of one's career is quite a challenge, when confronted with a legal job market which lacks transparency. And this also applies to experienced legal professionals who are looking to re-orientate their careers. 

The aim of the LexGO Career Guide is to help remedy this lack of transparency in the legal job market (multitude of professional statutes, different types of firms, career switches, new professions such as DPO and compliance, etc.) . The booklet appeals to all generations of active lawyers, as it covers the evolution of the entire legal career up to retirement. There is also an entire chapter on working in Luxembourg as a lawyer, compliance officer or tax specialist.

As ever, the LexGO Career Guide will be distributed for free among the the target audience of law students from all Belgian universities and legal professionals. For the distribution, we can count on our partners within the legal and tax sectors (Institute for Company Lawyers, law students associations, seminar organisers, Bar organisations, ...).

The LexGO Career Guide can also be consulted online on the LexGO Website. You can find a link to the current editions here.

You may also order your paper copy by paying the postage of 5 EUR (incl. VAT) via bank transfer into the account of LexGO BE85 6451 4409 0606 (please clearly mention with your payment the language version (NL or FR) and the delivery address)


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