A new look Simmons & Simmons

Simmons & Simmons unveils a new brand identity with redesigned logo and website. These changes come at a time when the company is innovatively evolving its service offerings and expanding its global reach.

Centred around collaboration, the firm’s striking new visual takes its inspiration from the strong and elegant movement of starling murmurations. Simmons’ interpretation of these murmurations uses digitally created particles to demonstrate the power of working together – across its 23 offices and teams and with its clients.

A bold coral and charcoal colour palette replaces the teal and steal and reflects the firm’s reputation for fresh thinking, creativity and innovation.

The visual identity may have gone through a refresh, but collaboration has always been an essential part of the firm’s DNA. Along with the new logo which reflects the unique personality of the firm and the market position of the business, Simmons is also introducing a new baseline that comes with a pledge for all customers who call on their services: “Together, we deliver smarter solutions”. A powerful translation of Simmons’ vision of the world of law, facing substantial changes including relationships with clients, the attraction and retention of talent, and innovation. Simmons’ recent acquisition of Wavelength, the firm of legal engineers, is part of this as it continues to bolster its technology-based services and broaden its capacity to deliver improved services to its clients.

While the visual moves on, the firm’s priorities remain the same. Continuing to focus on four highly regulated sectors – Asset Management and Investment Funds, Financial Institutions, Healthcare and Life Sciences and Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

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