Hugo Keulers is the new Managing Partner at law firm Lydian

Hugo Keulers is succeeding Peter De Ryck on 1 January as Managing Partner of independent law firm Lydian. The firm recently won the ‘Best Belgian Law Firm’ award at the Trends Legal Awards. In the coming years Lydian intends to continue to stand out with its pragmatic, locally anchored approach. “The strength of Lydian is that every person here puts their weight behind the firm, working as one team. Everyone at Lydian has an attitude of entrepreneurship and is always willing to go the extra mile. That cannot fail to benefit our clients.”

Hugo Keulers has been a partner at Lydian since 2001, and is a specialist in insurance law and dispute resolution. The firm has a tradition of rotating the post of Managing Partner once every three years. Since Keulers’ last term as Managing Partner (2004-2007) Lydian has doubled in size. It is known as a professional, leading law firm both in Belgium and abroad.

Hugo Keulers, Managing Partner at Lydian: “What I am inheriting from Peter De Ryck is a well-oiled machine. It is my ambition to continue to build on Lydian’s strong reputation over the next three years, both with our clients and with our staff. Our excellent management team will allow me to achieve that ambition without weakening my attention or focus on our clients.”


Earlier this year Lydian became the first independent firm to win the award for the best Belgian law firm at Trends Legal Awards. The firm was praised for its pragmatic, flexible approach. As an independent law firm Lydian has access to a wide-ranging international network but is always able to respond to local needs. For this reason the firm has also opened offices in Antwerp and Hasselt in recent years.

Along with the appointment of Keulers, Lydian has also appointed Koen Poncelet, the former accounting manager, as the new COO. He will also be taking over the baton on 1 January 2019. At the same time five new counsels have also been appointed: Virginie Bazelmans, Anne Catteau, Florence Colpaert, Iris Hemelaer and Bruno Stroobants.


In addition to its professional services to clients, staff and lawyers at Lydian all see the positive atmosphere in the workplace as important. This was again expressed in the past week through Lydian's participation to “De Warmste Week”.

The strength of Lydian lies in the fact that each person here puts their weight behind the firm as a single team.” explains Keulers. “Everyone at Lydian has an attitude of entrepreneurship and is always willing to go the extra mile. That cannot fail to benefit our clients.”

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