Niels Vandezande joins law firm timelex

Niels Vandezande, specialist in virtual payment means, Fintech, privacy and data protection and public applications, has joined the niche firm timelex this month .

Niels Vandezande obtained his Law Master’s degree at the KU Leuven in 2009 and worked there until August 2018 as postdoctoral researcher. He contributed to various books and articles in that capacity, which all address Fintech, the protection of privacy and personal data, data security, identity management and electronic public applications.

Niels got his doctorate in March 2018 with a study on the need for regulations on virtual payment means, and the potential of existing financial and economic legislation in that context. He researched, among other things, how crypto coins that use blockchain technology relate to the legislative frameworks for e-payment transactions, money laundering and MiFID regulation.

After working for 9 years as a legal researcher at KU Leuven, it was time for Niels to take a new step in his career. The developments in the financial sector and the emergence of new types of service providers lead to strong growth in the demand for legal support to companies in the sector. After all, it is not clear to many service providers to which extent their services are covered by the existing legislation, or how they have to comply with the legislation. Niels explains: "The intention is to assist clients of timelex in all their concrete questions about privacy, payment services, blockchain and other new technology. I will clarify where they come under the legal framework or under an exception, which conditions they possibly have to comply with, and what their relation is to the competent supervisor." Edwin Jacobs, a timelex partner, is enthusiastic: "Niels's specialist knowledge of the various fields in which timelex is active will undoubtedly represent an added value in advising our clients and implementing their solutions".

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