Death of a Law Firm - why many business law firms will collapse in the next five years?

There is a new book out that is taking the legal world by storm. ‘Death of a Law Firm - why many business law firms will collapse in the next five years’, by Jaap Bosman, provides an unprecedented glimpse behind the scenes of Big Law.

For decades law firms have been one of the most successful business models in the world.

They have weathered many storms and still managed to increase profit over the years. As a sector, they have succeeded in growing at a faster pace than the economy in which they operate.

Now for the first time in history for some firms collapse might be just around the corner.

Unfortunately most lawyers are unaware.

In building up to its conclusion, the book carefully dissects the inner workings of the business of law, providing unparalleled insight into what goes on behind the scenes. It covers all major legal markets and is written in an engaging style. Each chapter is concluded with key points.

After reading this book the reader will understand:

1. Why a number of leading law firms has already collapsed
2, The changes in the market that are driving down the price
3. The parallels and differences between the different legal markets across the globe
4. Partner selection and partners succession
5. The financial mechanisms that define a law firm
6. Pricing and Alternative Fee Arrangements
7. Positioning in the legal sector
8. The human factor and why there is resistance to change
9. Why training will not help
10. Why maintaining profitability is the key to survival


A must read, not only for partners wishing to steer their firm clear of the abyss, but also for anyone working in the business of law, including associates and staff, or even for law students aspiring a career.

Death of a Law Firm is published by JBLH, The Hague
ISBN 978-90-824278-0-6
208 pages hardcover edition
Written by Jaap Bosman and Lisa Hakanson
For Belgium and Luxemburg the book is also available on and

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