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Issue date: 2020-06-01
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 Émile de Laveleye (1822-1892) is a professor of political economy at the University of Liège. A law graduate, he has published numerous articles and books, notably on the organization of society and the state. His writings reflect an important concern for equality.

This work invites the reader to discover the thought of Émile de Laveleye in order to identify the place he gives to equality in the organization of society, in particular with regard to freedom of education, the right to property, the electoral system, bicameralism or the separation between Church and State. To this end, several of his writings, still current, are reproduced and are preceded by an introductory analysis in order to better understand the concept of "good" government advocated by the professor from Liège.

This work is intended for a large audience wishing to put into perspective the organization of our contemporary political societies in the light of the reflections proposed by Émile de Laveleye in the 19th century century which, no doubt, has not ceased to be an intellectual at the service of the City.

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