Author: Jean-Sylvestre Bergé, Giulio Cesare Giorgini
ISBN13: 9782802765479
Issue date: 2020-05-01
Price: 80.00
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 In a period when the economic freedoms of movement (economic law, free trade, international trade and European freedoms of movement) are increasingly challenged, it is important to deliver an in-depth reflection on the capacity of the disciplines (law, humanities and social sciences, hard sciences) to question the meaning of these freedoms.

Different types of knowledge thus question the conception that their constructions and analyzes relate to these freedoms. What directions are taken? What are the aims pursued? Should there be points of rupture between the initial ambitions and the achievements observable today?

Combining experienced researchers and young researchers in an intergenerational dialogue, this book is original in a multidisciplinary, international and comparative character. It places the contemporary dynamics of economic law and traffic phenomena in a perspective allowing their understanding through studies organized around clearly identified issues.

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